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Our Products

BlueRoots Window Door Components kozijnen sustainable tropical rainforest timber lumber FSC

Blue Roots have two production sites we produce window components, offering superior quality timber and service. Either in blank condition or prepared with coatings.

Cladding and Fascia oards WRC Western Red Cedar Blue Roots Sustainable Timber

Cladding and Fascia is another in house produced product range. We carefully select sustainable lumber,  sawing, cleaning, and producing it into timber and then cladding and fascia.

BlueRoots Truck Flooring Decking kozijnen sustainable tropical rainforest timber lumber FSC

In our production of Truck Flooring and Decking, we see to its strength and endurability, making it last for years if not decades.

BlueRoots Moulding Molding profielen sustainable tropical rainforest timber lumber FSC

As doors need moulding and frames we at BlueRoots Timber see to harvesting the timber and then fabricating it into various shapes and sizes of mouldings and frames. At our own production location, we control both quality, shape, size, and conditions.

Segment Truck Flooring IMG_4855 1162-436

All timber starts with trees sawn into rough would. We see close to lumbering in the maximum environment friendly, endurable way. Our hope and mission are to pass the earth on to next generations, in a way they can still enjoy timber and nature.

BlueRoots Terrace Garden Decking kozijnen sustainable tropical rainforest timber lumber FSC

Many terraces suffer the extremities like the weather can provide. BlueRoots’ Garden Decking and Tiles need to be tough to withstand the challenges. As we produce it ourselves from personally selected lumber, sawn in our own mills, we take care about the full range.

Why us?

Sustainable Timber

Planet Earth nowadays needs us to take care of sustainability for generations to come. Supplying timber while improving the environment.

Certified Partner

In order to be sustainable, we follow certified regulations.

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Quality Guarantee

Timber is ‘powered by nature, irregularities come with the raw material, trees. Excellent service assures continuity.

Experience & Service

More than 12 years in the business is old enough to guarantee quality and service and young enough to innovate. You can rely upon on us.

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