Common names: Keruing, Apitong

Scientific name: Dipterocarpusspp.)

has a heartwood of light-medium yellow-brown to red-browncolor. Its texture is medium to coarse, luster is moderate and grain is generally straight or slightly interlocked.

Keruing is commonly found in Southeast Asia. It is rated as moderately durable with poor-moderate resistance to insect attack.

The genus is of considerable importance as timber trees, sold under the trade name Keruing, although not as important as Shorea species. Dipterocarpus turbinatus, Gurjan, is a major commercial timber species found in the Andaman Islands. Gurjan wood is very important for making plywood.


Common names: Meranti, Lauan, Philippine Mahogany

Scientific name: Shorea spp.)

Shorea spp. are native to Southeast Asia, from northern India to MalaysiaIndonesia, and the Philippines. In west Malesia and the Philippines, this genus dominates the skyline of the tropical forests. The tallest documented tropical angiosperm is an 88.3-m-tall Shorea faguetiana in the Tawau Hills National Park, in Sabah on the island of Borneo, and in that park at least five other species of the genus have been measured to be over 80 m tall: S. argentifoliaS. gibbosaS. johorensisS. smithiana, and S. superba.[2] Borneo is also the hotspot of Shorea diversity with 138 species, of which 91 are endemic to the island.[3]