Rough Sawn Lumber

Blue Roots offer a wide range of finely selected Asian and African timber species, which are being exported predominately to our distribution partners in North America. We are serving both East and West coast of North America.

Timber species we supply are Sapeli, Sipo, Acajou, padouk, Keruing, and Meranti.

At request, we are sorting each board on woodgrain and select and we make sure that the lumber supplied is on a similarly high level. We make this effort every single container load again.

Timber is sourced from selected logging companies and is compliant with EUTR and Lacey act legislation.

We have our sustainable plots where we are alowed to cut the trees. We take great care at Blue Roots Timber to minimally harm the forrest.

After having cut the trees and moved them with outmost care, they are transported to the sawing mill production facilities. Here we have the tree bark removed. After various checks on the quality we saw the timber into rough lumber.

Checking the quality is done by carefully knocking the wood, taking samples and pick out one in 30 logs to have them technically checked. All wood gets a gas treatment on getting rid of any pest of other natural nuisance.

Sawing is a specialty at Blue Roots. Our machineray is technically supreme and we have it maintained all the time. Therefore we can assure clean cuts, exact measurements and no burns or cracks.

Sustainable ethical tropical lumber timber FSC

Tropical Lumber

At Blue Roots timber we believe in ‘good wood’.

We are convinced that obtaining prime quality lumber ought to be done both simply and ethically right.

We strive in our efforts for clear principles:

Our customer’s expectations are met with their needs, premium quality timber;

Blue Roots Timber’s customers experience service accordingly.

We deliver their products at the expected time

Given the quality and service, our customers pay the best price for excellent quality.

The lumber we offer we obtain from Asia, South America, North America, and Africa. Both softwoods and hardwoods are part of our selection.

It contains Sapeli, Sipo, Acajou, padouk, Keruing, Meranti, and  Western Red Cedar.

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