Door & Window Components

Our door and window components are made from the best timber we get from logging. We cut and clean it and saw it in the right size. After this it is checked om errors.

It gets primed various times and made into profiles.

Then again it gets an extra primer and certification.

The whole process is controled and bas elements being removed.

For door and window components:  Sapeli, SIPO, Kosipo, Meranti, Padouk  and Assamela/Afromosia.

Logging the Door & Window Components is being down in Borneo at sustainable plots. The trunks after harvesting are being transported by ship to our ptoduction plant in Malaysia.

the Production Plant in malaysia counts more then 100 people working on the timber. From ras tree into semi-finished Door or Window Component.

Priming is done on the production plant in Malaysia as wel. With sustainable primer, coatings, according to regulation of XXXXXXX we prime the would. Because of this we can guarentee our timber….. XXXXX years.

Also we keep the return-amount very low in this way, so the work can go on. A great guarentee service is nice. But not having to return is better….

Sustainable ethical tropical lumber timber FSC

Selecting the best Logging

By visiting the areas where the logging takes place and inspecting thoroughly how this is executed we have a first-row view of the sustainability of the sourced timber. We take great care in truely sustainable sourcing.

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