Production Facilities

Two IMI Production Locations

In Malaysia, Blue Roots Timber has two Inter Molding industries production facilities where the carefully selected sustainably lumbered trees are transformed into Timber.

At these facilities, we have over one hundred people working and high tech machinery, warehousing, and logistical solutions.

We kiln-dry, finger joint, laminate, mold, and coat our rough sawn lumber into the finished and semi-finished door and window components, a range of cladding products, pre-painted door sets, decking, and truck flooring.


Materials & Process

Our internationally certified quality standards continuously meet our customer’s demands.

Our production starts with carefully selecting raw materials from our international partners.
From here the materials go to our production plants, where we turn raw materials into semi-finished and finished products.
By having our own production plants we assure full independence on the quality of our products.

We choose to do business in the best responsible way.
Responsibility means being 100% legally traceable and striving to be fully sustainable.

To prove our traceability and sustainability all divisions of our company are audited annually.