The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.


With a team of great people we strive to supply trully sustainable, value added timber products, into the European and North American market.

Certified Experience

Blue Roots Timber commits to the legal sourcing of timber and timber products and services from legal and well managed and certified forests.

Production In Company

In Malaysia, we have 2 IMI production plants, where rough sawn lumber is turned into finished and semi-finished products.

Service & Guarantee

We believe in the long run we will stay in business by serving our customers interests in the best way.

Since 2013

We have experience for decades in the timber production and business but were founded 2013.


We source, produce, ship and deliver in many countries around the world. Blue Roots Timber is managed and employs Asian professionals. It was founded in 2013 by European timber traders.


Blue Roots

Blue Roots Timber headquarters is based in Malaysia, in the heart of southeast Asia. The company was founded in 2013.
After years of experience, we were convinced there was room in the market in start-to-end genuinely sustainable timber, from selecting sustainably logged timber to producing it into products and semi-finished products and transporting it to where it is used.

Our main focus is the export of value-added sustainable timber products into the European and North American markets. In order to achieve the best results, we rely on our great team of people, in whom we have faith to be running Blue Roots.
Investing in our people is part of our goal as we believe it will return trust and effort being made.

We believe a major reason to exist is how we focus on sustainable timber products, which are carefully selected through forest concessions around the world.

Quality & Service

What you see is what you get

Our belief since 2013 is strong that the timber market has room, especially for trading high-end quality semi-finished and finished products. We continue this conviction in growing in the future even more.

We refuse to compromise on quality as we put our faith in the long run.
We chose not to be the cheapest in the market but certainly the best.

Our customers can rely on buying from Blue Roots guarantees them a what you see is what you get.
At Blue Roots we believe the only way we realize a constant quality, is by choosing to own manufacturing facilities.
To achieve this Blue Roots works together with IMI.


If anything is wrong in the product or process we look into it and will solve it with the customer. Guaranteeing excellent products and service is a core value.


Inter Moulding Industries (IMI)

Our headquarters and production firm IMI are in Malaysia. Logo Inter Moulding Industries

IMI is a manufacturing unit in the Blue Roots group which has 2 production locations in Malaysia.
Our Blue Roots quality standard is beyond the market norm and innovates on the product level as on service level.

Quality also depends on whom you work with. Therefore Blue Roots carefully selects and supports its distributors around the world and assures non-stop supply of its products.

We do business internationally and you will find us in several continents active in sourcing, production, shipping and trading.

Malaysia flag Kuala Lumpur sustainable timber Blue Roots


Our main office and manufacturing plants are in Malaysia.

Indonesia flag Jakarta Borneo sustainable timber Blue Roots


Sustainable timber is sourced from Indonesia, particularly because of the fact that Indonesia is FLEGT licensed.


Most of our sustainable timber is sourced from the northern region of Brazil through our subsidiary IPEX located in Belem.

Flag African Union Sustainable timber Blue Roots


The majority of our certified raw materials are sourced from selected mills in Congo, Cameroon, and Gabon.

Dutch flag Netherlands sustainable timber wood Blue Roots

The Netherlands

The Group Headquarter is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (EU).